New VIP MasterMind Beginning     October 1, 2011  

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Tired Of Going It Alone?

I’ve developed a new private, invitation only VIP (Very Inspired Professionals) MasterMind Group of success-oriented women. You must be willing to make a five-month commitment to working with me, and each other. A new MasterMind  Group is beginning October 1, 2011.


Sharon's VIP Mastermind has been a God-send for me

It's provided an empowering place to clarify my business vision,
learn new tools for success and experience group support.

Sharon's open and caring style encourages me to take risks
and have fun with building my business. 

I encourage others to take advantage of this powerful venue."   
Tia, AZ


I’m looking for women who want to take themselves and their businesses to the next success level..


The entire VIP MasterMind will take place via email, telephone, tele-conference and Internet. Other than scheduled personalized calls/teleconferences with Sharon and the MasterMind Group, you’ll be working on your own time schedule.


Right up front, the cost is $997 for the 5 month long MasterMind (a two payment plan of $550 each is available). This is a limited opportunity to work one-on-one with me on your personalized program for success and to power network with other like-minded women.



"Within the first month of beginning the VIP Mastermind course, I have created a vision and path to my future that no other experience has been able to match. The course is practical, inspiring and experience-expanding. I am challenged each week."  Tess Denton, IL

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I've been asked some questions regarding the VIP MasterMind and I thought I'd share them with you:

1. I'm busy and will be out of town on several weekends - will that be a problem?

Answer: No, that's not a problem. This MasterMind is very flexible and it is worked at your pace. The Tele-conferences are scheduled around the group member's schedules and the one-on-one's with me are on your schedule. Most of the communication is done via email and on our password protected Blog. The Blog is easy to use, even if you don't feel you're computer savvy. If you can write and send an email, you can participate in the Blog.

Flexibility is what makes this MasterMind so successful!

2. Five months is a long commitment - I have other plans during that time.

Answer: Flexibility is the key - during this current MasterMind we've had members take a trip to Bali, Haiti, undergo major surgery, suffer a computer break down and even run a marathon and still, we're communicating regularly and making goals reality. To me, this is an example of  how we have to be flexible in our own day-to-day lives.


Here's what the 5 month VIP MasterMind Group will consist of:

1. A Success Assessment Questionnaire to pinpoint the "weakest" success areas you may want to change and improve and to recognize your natural strengths and talents.

2. Together, you and Sharon will formulate a six month plan to enhance your strengths and change negative success habits into more positive ones. 

3. We’ll discover areas of discomfort or self-sabotage.

4. We’ll follow the 21 Days To Living Your Goals system to design your ideal short term and long term goals.

5. We’ll customize affirmations and a visualization to match and enhance your goals.

6. We’ll email regularly to monitor progress, answer questions and share words of encouragement.

7. We’ll have a monthy "live" group tele-conferences where you can meet and network with other like-minded and success-oriented women.

8. You’ll have a viable and workable plan and method for achieving your goals. 

9. You’ll have the benefit of my 20+ years of empowering women personally and professionally to achieve success during our monthly one-on-one personalized coaching call.

10. You won’t be alone – you’ll have a MasterMind to cheer you on and lend support.


Let me ask you these questions:

** Looking for a supportive group of like-minded women?
** Tired of going it alone?
** Ready to go to the next success level - personally and professionally.

If you're serious about your success - you'll want to seriously consider joining our VIP MasterMind group.




"Within the first half hour of talking with Sharon, we discovered my dream - my true inner motivation. No one else has been able to do that. Our VIP MasterMind Group is fantastic! I feel like an independent woman who now has choices. For the first time in my life I know I can and will succeed. This MasterMind program has given me the belief, the confidence and the skills to create the life I want. Trust me, Sharon's VIP MasterMind program works!!!" Bobbie, AZ

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Here's what the VIP MasterMind can give you:

  • Activities, exercises and support to help discover and identify your emotional relationship with success, determine your success values, write a meaningful mission statement and identify your most important goals.
  •  A specific action plan for setting and achieving your goals.
  •  Help to open your mind to the opportunities and possibilities.
  •  Focus for keeping your top priorities, your top priorities.
  •  Support for achieving balance in your life - personally and professionally.
  •  Strategies for making success fun.
  • The support to grow yourself and your career.

This MasterMind may be just what you need to go faster and bolder down the road to success.


Here's the ideal VIP MasterMind candidate:

1. Willing to commit to recognizing and potentially conquering self-sabotaging behavior.

2. Willing to commit 5 months to working on your personal and professional success.

3. Willing to come out of your comfort zone and try new things.

4. Willing to be accountable to yourself, Sharon and other VIP MasterMind members.

5. Willing to stay focused on the end results.

6. Willing to be supportive and encouraging to yourself and others.

7. Willing to commit to a monthly to a “live” tele-conference with Sharon and the other VIP MasterMind members.

8. Willing to have an open mind.

9. Willing to read the materials, work the assignments and contribute your insights and “aha’s” to the group.

10. Willing to have fun and enjoy going for success!!!



"It was Christopher Morley who said, 'There is only one success--to be able to spend your life in your own way.' When you are in the process of discovering how you want to live your life your own way, you often experience a multitude of emotions, both positive and negative.

Going through this special program with Sharon has been a joy for me and of great value because she guides me through my negative emotions associated with achieving my success, she celebrates my milestones, and she gives me a kick in the butt when I need it most. She's become a mentor, coach, and most of all, a friend—this is rare."  Lisa, AZ


**This is an invitation only VIP MasterMind Group based on your answers to the following ten questions:

To apply for my exclusive VIP (Very Inspired Professionals) MasterMind Group please answer these questions and email them back to me at

 1. Why would you like to participate in a success building MasterMind led by Sharon Michaels?

2. What do you believe are your strongest success talents? (Example: persistence, energy)

3. How do you see this MasterMind enhancing your personal and professional successes?

4. Are you willing to commit the next 5 months to working with Sharon and to tele-conferences – with Sharon and the other success-oriented VIP’s. 

5. Are you willing to commit the next 5 months to the “hands-on” activities aimed at enhancing your successes both personally and professionally?

6. Are you willing to support and encourage the other members of your MasterMind to achieve their goals and aspirations?

7. What is the greatest challenge you are facing right now?

8. How do you see Sharon supporting your success?

9. Anything you’d like to add?

10. This is a 5 month commitment to your own success building – are you fully willing to make that commitment?

When you’ve finished answering these 10 questions, e-mail the answers back to me along with your name and email address. It can be a separate e-mail – just make sure you have your answers numbered 1-10 so I know which answer goes with which question.

Email your answers back to me at



"This has been a phenomenal experience for me! It’s like the flood gates of possibility have opened and all these positive thoughts for the future are running through my mind. It’s the personal contact with Sharon that makes this MasterMind so powerful."
Vicki, AZ


"Sharon's "21 days to Living Your Goals" has been a catalyst of change in my life. I signed for the mastermind group thinking "what the heck, it won't hurt and it might even help!" From the first day of assignments, I was hooked. I have made one very positive change in my life: I now have a major five year goal and I am taking baby steps towards it. I am also getting rid of some bad habits and replacing them with new behaviors that are truly useful. I am truly thankful that Sharon came into my life at the perfect time!" Viviane, AZ


Clarity of vision.

Excellence of craft.

If you want to know who you are and where you are going, sign up for Sharon's VIP Mastermind.

If you don't know your goals, this is the perfect place. I came into the program with wonderful dreams of what I want to accomplish. I knew I already had in place a business to build from to reach those dreams. What was I lacking? I didn't have a blueprint to get from point A (my business) to point B (my dreams). Sharon took me by my virtual hand and led me through the process to create that blueprint. Not only that, she helped uncover my own self-sabotaging beliefs that were holding me back from taking action!

The VIP Mastermind three-pronged approach is perfect! One-on-one mentoring with Sharon to overcome my self-sabotaging actions; group training teleseminars, which also provide an excellent support group; and Sharon's own 21 Days To Living Your Goals program. And all of this for about three or four hours a week of effort.

Go for it. You won't be sorry! Jennifer, AZ


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Meli shares her thoughts about being part of 

Sharon's VIP MasterMind


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Ready To Go Positively Forward?

Because of the personalized nature of this VIP MasterMind Group, space will be limited!

Applications are now being taken for the October 1, 2011 VIP MasterMind Group.

I look forward to working with you!

Option 1. The five months VIP Mastermind in one $997 payment may be made via                                                              PayPal  or Credit Card.

Option 2.  A subscription in 2 installments of $550 each  via PayPal or Credit Card.  The first installment when you subscribe and the second in one month.

Upon payment confirmation, Sharon will send you a written confirmation with all the details.

If you have any questions, please send an email to Sharon Michaels at

Sharon Michaels  

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"Empowering and mentoring women to greater personal and professional success."

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